Performances for Pets, Alex Bailey and Krõõt Juurak, 2014-


Performance for pets, variable duration according to the pet.


Conditions for activation:
It is activated in the domicile of the pet with or without the presence of the owner.

Pets surround us, yet we do not value their work. “Performances for Pets” is a performance by Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey only performed for pets. With this work Juurak and Bailey want to reflect upon the working conditions of artists and the affective labour they provide. Meanwhile a such performance can also be read as a pointer to what status pets have assumed in the lives of many humans and to what kind of production is hiding behind the furry comfort.


ALEX BAILEY (b. 1962, Birmingham) started his career as a footballer playing for Aston Villa FC. He Trained as a carpenter, before moving into the heavy industry and the brewery profession. After a prolonged period of illness he became interested in the arts and went on to become a technician at Eastside Projects, Tate St'Ives, Project Arts Centre and S1 Gallery. He has since lived in Dublin, Peru, North Somerset, and Moldova . He currently lives in Vienna. Recent exhibitions include Fusiform Gyrus, Lisson Gallery, London (2013), There’s Only Two Alex Bailey’s, Kunstverein, Amsterdam (2014), Is There Any Dinner?, 1Dark  Lane, Bristol (2015), Make It Last Forever, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2016).

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KRÕÕT JUURAK (b. 1981, Tallinn) is a choreographer and performer whose work, which comprises of performances, presentations, texts, workshops, mood shifts, challenges fixed definitions of choreography and performance. She graduated in dance and choreography from ArtEZ, Arnhem in 2003 and obtained an MA in Fine Arts from Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. She has presented her work in a variety of forms at venues including Ellen de Bruijne Projects (Amsterdam 2013), Venice Biennale “oO” Pavillion (2013), Mindaugas Triennial, Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius 2012), ImPulsTanz (Vienna 2012), de Appel Art Centre (Amsterdam 2012), Super deLuxe (Tokyo 2011), Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen (Innsbruck 2010), Kunsthalle Wien project space (Vienna 2010), EKKM (Tallinn 2009), deSingel, (Antwerp 2008).

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