LIve Forever: Collecting Live Art


"The book now in your hands is itself a kind of collection, a gathering of the voices of some catalysts of contemporary performance: artists, cultural engineers, curators, collectors, set alongside critical meditations on the aesthetic, legal and museological ramifications of collecting live art. What emerges is a dynamic conversation - happily discordant in places - on the ethos of the act of collecting, and its social, political and philosophical consequences." Adrian Heathfield

LIVE FOREVER: COLLECTING LIVE ART. Ed. & introd. by Teresa Calonje. Forew. by Adrian Hearthfield. Contrib. by Tania Bruguera, Marc and Josée Gensollen, Béatrice Josse, Lois Keidan Franck Leibovici, Daniel McClean, La Ribot, José A. Sánchez & Catherine Wood. Cologne 2014. 176 S. mit einer beigelegten Farbtafel, Bibliographie, brosch.