Continent of Thoughts Are You Receiving Me?, Vanja Smiljanic, 2013-

Cyber Pilgrimage, initiation and accreditation.

After Participating the pilgrims are accredited to perform the artwork (conditions apply).


Conditions of activation:
The Cyber Pilgrimage happens in private, semi-private or public setting, during a physical meeting between the pilgrim(s) and the artist for two consecutive days (+one day if the pilgrimage is public).


Main focus in New continent of thought, are you receiving me? is an online archive of a New Religious Movement called Cosmic People. This archive informs Web travelers about practices for a religious pursuit related to this movement, and it’s also used as a tool which shapes Cosmic People’s identity.
The online archive is read as their virtual temple, and in form of a tutorial it’s demonstrated a cyber-pilgrimage through it.
Following the process of the cyber-pilgrimage, the rigid structure of the archive and  the position of the practitioners as simply passive recipients of information in it, is being questioned. In order to became actively involved in a dialectic process, cyber-pilgrims are organizing a revolution against the archive, and planing to hack the web page of Cosmic People and transforming it into an open source.

Vanja Smiljanić was born in Belgrade Serbia in 1986, and lives in Brussels. In her practice she often utilizes the model of performance-lecture as a way to bridge fictitious and experiential universes, comprising technical apparatus, diagrams and sci-fi povera sculptures. Connecting otherwise unparalleled reality systems, Vanja's work attests the foundation of ideologies as alienated regimes, recurring to her own body as a vessel for narration, often shifting between the position of oracle and storyteller.

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